Why is training recall so difficult for dog owners? by Sue McCabe

spaniels upright

As with any training, recall is all about putting a routine into your dogs day which he enjoys taking part in. Recall should never mean “if I run back to my owners, she’ll put me back on leash” but always, “if I run back to my owner, it’s usually worth my while”. With adult dogs, Read More →

Puppy Classes and Canine Parvovirus by Dr Ian Dunbar


I have just read a paper in the March/April issue of the Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association describing a study that concluded, puppies vaccinated at least once prior to starting puppy classes at less than 16 weeks of age were at no more risk of being diagnosed with Canine Parvovirus infection than vaccinated Read More →

Chocolate Toxicity Meter | petMD

The petMD Chocolate Toxicity Meter will let you know how much theobromine and caffeine your dog has consumed and the symptoms that may follow. Chocolate Toxicity Meter | petMD.    

Why Positive Training is not Bribery – Victoria Stilwell

To truly understand why food is so powerful, you must first understand the influence it has on the dog’s brain. Food has the power to not only enhance a dog’s ability to learn but also helps a dog overcome fear or anxiety by raising the levels of dopamine in the brain and stimulating the desire Read More →

Approval seeking or attention seeking? | Kay Laurence

 Approval seeking or attention seeking? | Kay Laurence. Jumping up is nearly always viewed, by both positive and negative trainers as A Major Sin. It certainly rates near the top of the list of most dog owners as an undesirable behaviour. The behaviour can vary from a flying, direct midriff punch, scratching your legs, or Read More →

Tuna Fudge Training Treats

This is a wonderful training treat for dogs. It has the consistency of fudge so you can break off different sized pieces and the dogs can eat them quickly without a mess. It is also “smelly” so your dog can anticipate the treat!   2 (6 ounce) cans tuna (do not drain) 1 1/2  cups Read More →

Keeping your dog safe during off-leash play


Dogs that have appropriate outlets for their energy are usually happier, healthier, better socialized, and better mannered dogs. Off-leash dog play is becoming a more popular way for owners to exercise their pets. However, for some dogs, off-leash play is not all fun and games.   Dog training experts Robin Bennett and Susan Briggs have written a new Read More →

Common foods and products that can be harmful to dogs.

Some of the following foods,plants and household products can cause life-threatening or fatal conditions for dogs. See this link for more information: http://www.aspca.org/pet-care/poison-control Foods To Avoid – Alcohol- Avocado (skin, pits, leaves, bark; fruit)- Chocolate- Caffeine (coffee, tea, energy drinks, diet pills, some medications)- Macadamia Nuts- Onions & Onion Family- Raisins and Grapes- Salt- Yeast Read More →

DSCN1093 2Our Havanese, Jenny, has taken all three of Jane's classes starting with Puppy, then Family Manners and finally, Step Beyond.  Prior to enrolling in the first class we engaged Jane for a private lesson. Jane is the consummate professional.  Her classes are well organized. Her training methods are clear and productive. The classes are also a lot of fun.  Jane obviously enjoys what she is doing and she most surely loves dogs. We cannot recommend Jane more highly.  She is absolutely excellent.

Bill, Joan and Jenny

IMG_6446Jane’s dog training classes were a great experience for us and our little dog Luci. My partner and I are new to dog ownership so we needed the clear guidance and fun training that Jane offered. We are very well trained humans now, and our dog is a delight to live with! Of course our dog is not perfect, but Jane taught us a dog is a DOG and will have unique personality quirks like any person! Luci is a success story as far as small dogs go and we owe that to Jane’s guidance.

Sarah & Luci

SpringMy dog, Spring, was an almost two year old rescue dog when I enrolled in Jane's Family Dog obedience class.  My girl was skittish, terrified of her own shadow and completely lacking in self confidence when we started our class.  We continued our training in Jane's Step Beyond classes and Spring blossomed.  Jane's classes were fun and positive and it was so rewarding to see Spring's confidence and ability grow in leaps and bounds.  Last month, Spring qualified as a therapy pet. I could not be more proud of how far Spring has come in two years. Spring is unfazed by vacuum cleaning in the halls, wheelchairs in the corridors, or even riding in the elevator - all of which would have terrified her two years ago.  Spring and I are hugely grateful to Jane for her skill, experience and sensitivity in giving us the tools to be able to achieve what we have accomplished so far, and will continue to build on.

Penny & Spring
Nova Scotia Duck Trolling Retriever

Sophie2Sophie and I really enjoyed our classes with Jane. We learned the essentials for a good solid foundation for further training. Jane’s manner and approach made us feel comfortable and Sophie and I both looked forward to our classes every single week! I’ll be sure to return. Great job Jane!

Eric & Sophie
Border Collie/Labrador Retriever

Corrie.thumbnailI took the Step beyond Obedience to prepare my Sheltie to be a Therapy Dog. It was exactly what I had hoped it would be and my dog is now a certified Therapy Dog with the St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog program. We are making weekly visits to a local nursing home, thanks to Jane and her obedience training,

Cora and Therapy Dog Corrie
Shetland Sheepdog

sugar-testimonialI am on my second generation of dogs that have attended all of Jane's classes.  She is an excellent teacher and communicator and she is continually perfecting her classes.  Her common dog sense is impeccable.  She has anticipated everything you need to know to have a well behaved family dog and good canine citizen.

Lori and Sugar
Rhodesian Ridgeback

MollyMolly is a sweet, smart, lovely girl but she was aggressive to other dogs. I decided to get help and was very fortunate to find Jane. The training created a new relationship between us, and a much happier and more relaxed Molly.You can't undo this behavior overnight but it is getting better and better and both Molly and I look forward to our walks now so that we can practice. Jane changed our lives simply by helping me to understand Molly and giving me the tools to help her. I could never say enough good things about her.

Becky and Molly
English Cocker Spaniel

photoMy new rescue dog and I attended  "Family Manners" classes. Although I had had a great relationship with my previous dog,  I felt classes were needed for Birdie and for me as time had passed and training methods had changed.  The classes were positive, worthwhile and a fun experience for both of us, especially as I feel so empowered. Thanks Jane

Colleen and Birdie
Small Mixed Breed