Keeping your dog safe during off-leash play

Dogs that have appropriate outlets for their energy are usually happier, healthier, better socialized, and better mannered dogs. Off-leash dog play is becoming a more popular way for owners to exercise their pets. However, for some dogs, off-leash play is not all fun and games.   Dog training experts Robin Bennett and Susan Briggs have written a new Read More →

Common foods and products that can be harmful to dogs.

Some of the following foods,plants and household products can cause life-threatening or fatal conditions for dogs. Foods To Avoid – Alcohol – Avocado (skin, pits, leaves, bark; fruit) – Chocolate – Caffeine (coffee, tea, energy drinks, diet pills, some medications) – Macadamia Nuts – Onions & Onion Family – Raisins and Grapes – Salt – Read More →

My experience with Jane and my two puggle puppies was nothing but outstanding! As I had two puppies to raise at once, she recommended that I take two classes. It was a busy time, but I'm so glad that I put the time and effort in. Jane was able to hone into each puppy's unique personality in a gentle, yet structured way that helped them become the great dogs that they are today! I can't emphasize how important Jane's work was to us in helping nurture these two dogs in becoming well-mannered members of our family.

Monika & Nike & Callaway Puggles

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