Why Growling is Good by Nicole Wilde

Why Growling is Good A woman I sometimes chat with during my morning dog outings asked my opinion about an encounter she recently had. She’d been been walking her four-year-old mixed breed dog around a local park when she crossed paths with a man whose dog was off leash. As the owners walked toward each other Read More →

Why Dogs Bite and How They Warn us

Why Dogs Bite and How They Warn us Why do dogs bite? There are several possible reasons why a dog may bite a child: The dog is protecting a possession, food or water dish or puppies. The dog is protecting a resting place. The dog is protecting its owner or the owner’s property. The the Read More →

Dr. Becker: 10 Reasons Not to Use a Retractable Leash

A retractable leash is not so much a leash as it is a length of thin cord wound around a spring-loaded device housed inside a plastic handle. The handles of most retractable leashes are designed to fit comfortably in a human hand. A button on the handle controls how much of the cord is extended. Read More →

11 Things That Humans Do That Dogs Hate

There are many ways you do that your dog hates — and you probably aren’t even aware of them. So if you want to be your dog’s best friend, find out how you can fix your annoying habits. By: Jaymi Heimbuch Sometimes, dogs get impatient with our mixed signals. Don’t you want to do better? Read More →

Why is training recall so difficult for dog owners? by Sue McCabe

As with any training, recall is all about putting a routine into your dogs day which he enjoys taking part in. Recall should never mean “if I run back to my owners, she’ll put me back on leash” but always, “if I run back to my owner, it’s usually worth my while”. With adult dogs, Read More →

Puppy Classes and Canine Parvovirus by Dr Ian Dunbar

I have just read a paper in the March/April issue of the Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association describing a study that concluded, puppies vaccinated at least once prior to starting puppy classes at less than 16 weeks of age were at no more risk of being diagnosed with Canine Parvovirus infection than vaccinated Read More →

Chocolate Toxicity Meter | petMD

The petMD Chocolate Toxicity Meter will let you know how much theobromine and caffeine your dog has consumed and the symptoms that may follow. Chocolate Toxicity Meter | petMD.    

Why Positive Training is not Bribery – Victoria Stilwell

To truly understand why food is so powerful, you must first understand the influence it has on the dog’s brain. Food has the power to not only enhance a dog’s ability to learn but also helps a dog overcome fear or anxiety by raising the levels of dopamine in the brain and stimulating the desire Read More →

Approval seeking or attention seeking? | Kay Laurence

 Approval seeking or attention seeking? | Kay Laurence. Jumping up is nearly always viewed, by both positive and negative trainers as A Major Sin. It certainly rates near the top of the list of most dog owners as an undesirable behaviour. The behaviour can vary from a flying, direct midriff punch, scratching your legs, or Read More →

Tuna Fudge Training Treats

This is a wonderful training treat for dogs. It has the consistency of fudge so you can break off different sized pieces and the dogs can eat them quickly without a mess. It is also “smelly” so your dog can anticipate the treat!   2 (6 ounce) cans tuna (do not drain) 1 1/2  cups Read More →