Common foods and products that can be harmful to dogs.

Everyone who owns a pet or doesn’t will agree that in recent times, the pet industry has seen tremendous growth. There was a time when the only pet products I knew were cat and dog foods. But now there are pet CBD products, pet DNA services, and more.

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Actually, many of the top brands in the pet ind ustry have been experimenting with various kinds of pet products marketing strategies. In this article, we’re going to decode those and also figure out what you can do to establish your brand.

Some of the following foods,plants and household products can cause life-threatening or fatal conditions for dogs.

Foods To Avoid

– Alcohol
– Avocado (skin, pits, leaves, bark; fruit)
– Chocolate
– Caffeine (coffee, tea, energy drinks, diet pills, some medications)
– Macadamia Nuts
– Onions & Onion Family
– Raisins and Grapes
– Salt
– Yeast Dough
– Xylitol (a very common sweetener, deadly to animals, and found in
sugarless gum & candies, toothpaste, and even in some Rescue Remedy pastille

Common Poisons & Hazards

– Antifreeze
– Batteries (acids, heavy metals)
– Cocoa mulch
– Household products containing bleach, ammonia, lye (sodium hydroxide)
– Insecticides, Herbicides, Fertilizers
– Mothballs
– Organophosphates (found in flea, tick, lawn products)
– Pennies (zinc in post 1982 pennies)
– Petroleum-based products (gas, lighter fluid, etc.)
– Prescription and over the counter medications
– Rodent bait
– Tobacco products

Some Common Poisonous Plants

– Amaryllis
– Autumn Crocus
– Azalea/ Rhododendron
– Castor Bean
– Cyclamen
– Lilies
– Oleander
– Peach, Plum, Cherry, Apricot (seeds, leaves, stems)
– Sago Palm
– Tulip / Narcissus bulbs
– Yew